Enhanced Bookkeeping

Enhanced Bookkeeping services include all services in the Full-Serivce package.


We will work with you to accurately forecast future revenue and expenses.

Quarterly Budget Reviews

We will meet with you to review the previous quarter, discuss changes to your budget for coming quarters, and analyze your business.

CFO Services

PSJ Business Solutions can function as your part-time Chief Financial Officer.

Custom-Designed Reports

Budget vs. Actual

PSJ Business Solutions can provide you with a monthly budget versus actual report so you can see how you are doing against your projections.

Client Reports

We can provide reports to help you determine who your most and least profitable clients are.

Breakout of Expenses

It is often useful to breakout expenses into different categories, such as by product line, office, or region.

Rolling Forecast

A rolling forecast allows you to see how your projections have changed over time.

Employee Reports

PSJ Business Solutions can provide a variety of employee reports, including reports showing company expenses, and reports showing revenue associated with individual employees.  We can also provide year-end reports for employees detailing what their employment costs the company.

Event Analysis

We can help you track the revenue and expenses associated with specific events.